Our Approach

“Science” for sure. But science with heart.

Process improvement may sound intimidating. We understand. But what we call Fundraising Performance Improvement — or FPI for short — simply allows you to spend more time doing what you do best. It’s “science” for sure, but science with heart. We blend Toyota’s Lean and GE’s Six Sigma with proven fundraising wisdom. We use measures and metrics to provide   guide rails. You provide the mission and desire to greatly enhance your fundraising. 

Let us help you:  

  • Prepare for a major campaign
  • Achieve higher campaign goals
  • Create compelling breakthrough cases
  • Make your board a major fundraising force
  • Raise substantially more money on a continuing basis
  • Attract new major gifts donors from outside your constituency
  • Boost your return on investment and lower your cost‐to‐raise‐a‐dollar
  • Build a capacity and ongoing platform for innovation within your organization
  • Empower your board and staff to collaborate through hoshin-based strategic planning

HFM Performance Advantage LLC, with offices in Winter Park, Fla., and St. Joseph, Mich., helps nonprofit organizations increase fundraising results through stretch‐goal campaigns and various performance improvement initiatives. Performance Advantage is a business unit of Marketing Partners, Inc., a business improvement company founded in 1983 that serves Fortune 500 companies, healthcare systems and not‐for‐profit organizations.

Contact us for a free consultation at 269‐208‐3577 or email sareed@mpicompanies.com