How to Master the Art & Science
of Majoring in Major Gifts

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Hope is Not a Strategy

to Fundraising



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Strategic Planning to Make
Your Fundraising Pay Off

How You Can Major in
Major Gifts

The more prospective donors with whom you spend time, the more dollars you will raise.

It sounds simplistic. But it’s an often overlooked fundraising fact of life.

Let’s imagine that a development professional meets with X prospective donors during a year—or during the duration of a campaign—and raises Y number of dollars. Now, let’s envision another scenario over that same time in which that same development professional is given in-office support, relieved of other duties that often are distractions from front-line fundraising, and uses connectors and something called a stage-gate process. [MORE]

How to Become
a High Performer

Fair warning: A financial tsunami will hit healthcare in 2020.

Fortunately, there is a proven strategy – Fundraising Performance Improvement – that your foundation can adopt before this fast-approaching crisis hits. FPI will help your healthcare system not only endure, but prosper, in a time of unprecedented demand for healthcare.

Demographers say 2020 is when the leading edge of the Baby Boom generation will turn 75, the age at which people begin to require more and more healthcare. But Generation X, coming right behind the Boomers, has 9 million fewer people.

The result: Medicare costs will rocket up as tax revenues drop like a stone. [MORE]

How You Can Target
Your Communications

How does real communication happen?

It does not happen as one-way flow of information.

By definition, true communication is two-way.  But two-way means more than mere feedback: It means you engage with the person on the other end. It means you build relationships over time.

In this time of tumultuous change for the healthcare industry, the need for programs and tools that truly engage key constituencies and target market segments has never been more urgent. Engagement is vital to changing a culture, or sustaining a mission. [MORE]

Strategic Planning to Make Your Fundraising Pay Off

If you want to empower your organization’s fundraising for the long term, two words:

Strategic Planning.

You will need a planning and budgeting process that creates substantial investments in your operation. Real investments in performance improvement rarely pay off in full the same year you make them. Significant gains require a longer-range plan. That’s why we advocate a three- to five-year strategic fundraising planning cycle. [MORE]